This is a fun highlight vid from 2008 training, from the 12 weeks I worked with them for the CT SWAT Challenge, the third largest such competition in the country. I didn’t produce this particular vid. One of the guys on the team used footage I had taken to make this vid which does a nice job of summarizing the hard work we did.
Anyway, 2009 training gets underway soon (May 2009) and I plan to take it to the next level, hit the ground running this year, and generally step up the training. Like most guys on RRT/SWAT teams, these guys have full time jobs, families, etc, and this is done on their own time, so it takes a lot of dedication for them to do this type of training for 12-14 weeks leading up such a comp. Of course it ultimately leads to improving their abilities for the job, so it’s time well spent.


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  1. Yagnaroopaya 10 years ago

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  2. Beverly Aldridge 10 years ago

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  3. Matt 10 years ago

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  4. Matt 10 years ago

    For the record- I spelled Beverly’s name wrong on purpose- maybe she gets as annoyed as I did when I read her post.


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