As most of you know by now (hopefully…), I do seminars and or performance/fitness related training for tactical law enforcement. I have a series of videos on last years training that lead up to a competition, as well as vids from the competition. I am working with the same group (NEMLEC SWAT/RRT) in preparation for this years CT SWAT Challenge. This training season I used many new training aids, which will be covered in the new series of vids coming out shortly. Here’s a few generic pics that does not “give away” the training that we are doing and how it differs from last year.

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  1. Piano Learn Online 10 years ago

    i know this might sound weird, but i’m taking a music survey class and need to survey 50 people. All i need to know is if you’ve ever played the piano. Literally, have your fingers every touched piano keys. Thanks!


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